What Our Clients Say

We always feel that he is available and anxious to be of help to us.

We have been clients of Ilan Eardley for at least 15 years.

During this time, we have always found his advice to be careful and sound, based on thorough discussions with us and evaluations of the kind of people we are, about what we want and what we think our future needs may be.

We meet at our home, which helps to make everything more relaxed. Our conversations are friendly and informal, but he is painstaking in his notetaking and record keeping. He is patient in explaining details of investments and he ensures that we are kept up to date with economic changes.

We meet approximately twice a year, more frequently when investments mature and decisions need to be taken. We communicate by phone, letter and email, and we always feel that he is available and anxious to be of help to us.

Mr & Mrs S, Salisbury
Placed on 22 January 2019

I feel very safe in the knowledge that WFP is looking after what will be important in years to come.

I have very little financial knowledge and certainly hadn’t met a financial advisor before.With understanding and patience you made everything incredibly clear and wouldn’t move on to the next item until you felt I was happy with the one being discussed.

You led me by the hand and I feel very safe in the knowledge that you are there looking after what will be important in years to come.

Mrs M, Donhead St Mary
Placed on 22 January 2019

We are able to ask any questions without being made to feel foolish.

For a number of reasons, we both feel very lucky to have Ilan as our independent financial planner. Not least being that he is the sort of person anyone would want as a friend!

He puts a great deal of work into preparing for our meetings, with everything to be discussed in written form with explanatory notes and diagrams. This is useful during he meeting to help clarify the subject under discussion, and afterwards as an aid to the memory.

Ilan explains the costs of his services fully and again it is all in writing so you can make a fully informed decision on how you wish to proceed.

Our circumstances, aims and feelings about investments are always taken into account, and we are able to ask any questions without ever being made to feel foolish. Ilan patiently explains matters in layman’s terms and we are never put under pressure to make decisions hastily.

He clearly does a tremendous amount of research and we have every confidence that any advice offered is in good faith and in our best interests.

H & M, West Sussex
Placed on 4 July 2018

We have always found his advice sound and his manner friendly.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Ilan as an independent financial planner. We have known him for a good number of years- I forget exactly how many- and have always found his advice sound and his manner friendly, informed and very helpful.

To start with there will be a number of questions designed to establish the parameters of one’s financial state, outgoings, fears and aspirations. Ilan may probe gently until he has enough information, but his questions are not intrusive.

One can ask questions of him at any time- indeed I often do, and sometimes the same question more than once! He answers clearly, in terms a layman can understand. I would never claim to have a head for figures, so Ilan’s explanations- and maths- are valuable.

S, East Knoyle
Placed on 17 October 2017

I know that my investments and savings are being looked after.

I have never had the need for a Financial Advisor before, however after the sale of my house 3 years ago it became evident that just keeping the funds in my bank in a current account was not going to make any money.

Ilan has always made it clear that any investment is a risk and that your investment can go down as well as up. I thought I was clear in my head about what I wanted to do but after talking to Ilan I understood that it was not about taking a severe risk and common sense and sensible investment are key.

Anything I don’t understand Ilan is happy to explain in simple terms and the same question asked again and again is always answered in simpler terms until I do understand.

Communication with Ilan has always been good and I know that he is at the end of the telephone or will reply to an email if necessary. I know that my mind is at rest and that my investments and savings are being looked after.

I & T, Gillingham
Placed on 20 September 2017

I trust him completely.

Ilan has been my financial advisor for many years, both when I was working and now that I have retired and I can recommend him wholeheartedly.

I trust him completely to look after my financial affairs and I am confident that he always puts my interests first, patiently explaining the options and offering advice to suit my needs without any pressure. The investments that he has made on my behalf have all shown a positive result.

I always look forward to his visits. He takes a genuine interest in my life and my family and I am sure that this helps him to consider my financial needs, both now and in the future. His friendly approach, along with his experience and attention to detail has always made me feel confident that my money is safe in his hands.

I know that I can always phone or email him with any questions or concerns, however small and he will always get back to me.

I feel that Ilan’s services offer excellent value for money and, in my busy life, it is one less thing for me to have to think about.

Mrs C, Dorchester
Placed on 14 November 2016